Mayflower Bocawina National Park & Zipline (30 mins drive):  Take a guided tour into the dense tropical rainforest and venture through a few of the small ruins that archeologists are still excavating, then hike to the 100 foot tall cascade of Antelope Falls with a view over the jungle out to the sea!  Your guide will fill you with Mayan history and lore, and information about the plants, animals and bird species that make the park home.  There are smaller waterfalls that are ideal for a cool refreshing swim, and on-site is the longest zip-line in Central America.

Cockscomb Jaguar Preserve Waterfall Hiking & Tube (30 mins drive):  Take a guided tour into the Cockscomb Basin, which has a total protected area of over 120,000 acres.  Travel through Maya Centre village, and into the park.  The basin is home to many animals and especially big cats.  It is believed that it has the world's highest density of Jaguar.  As cats are nocturnal, you may not see them, but your guide can help you to spot fresh tracks.  There are over 290 recorded species of birds in the park, for amazing birding.  There is a beautiful waterfall for a refreshing swim.  Daylight and night time tours are available.

Horseback Riding (20 mins drive): Enjoy a gentle horseback ride through orange groves, sugarcane fields and in the jungle just south of Hopkins village. 

Guided Bird Watching Tours: just before daybreak or at dusk, on the river or in the mountainous jungle. 


A bit farther away.......

Southern Mayan Ruins (1.5 hours drive) -Visit "Nim Li Punit and Lubantun" situated along the southern highway. These ruins are in the foothills of the Maya Mountains and overlook the Toledo coastal plain, milpas (corn fields) and the rainforest. Nim Li Punit is a comparatively small site with one main plaza, one pyramid, and one ball court, but has a large number of stelae; twenty-five large, often huge, stone slabs and pillars, eight of them carved. Lubaantun is a late Classic ceremonial center and largest Mayan Archaeological site in southern Belize and the large pyramids and residences are made of dressed stone blocks with no mortar binding them together.  

Cayo Mayan Ruins (2 hours drive) -Explore the "Xunantunich" and "Cahal Pech" ruins near San Ignacio town. Both ruins are half hour away and make for a great day trip. Xunantunich is an impressive site with six major plazas, more than 25 temples and palaces, and a new museum. The 2 species of monkeys in Belize, Howler and Spider, are often seen and heard at Xunantunich. Cahal Pech includes 7 plazas, 2 ball courts, 6 plain Stella and 1 alter, as well as temple pyramids. Cahal Pech is also the  second oldest structure in the Mayan world and offers a view over the city of San Ignacio Town and the Belize River valley.

St. Herman's Cave Cave Tubing Tour (1 hour drive)-
Traverse the cave and see beautiful formations and Mayan artifacts, then tube back to the entrance. The beautiful 'river of caves' is a seven mile float!

Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM) Cave Tours (1.25 hour drive)-one of Belize's most amazing attractions! Known as Xibalba, the underworld 'place of fear' to the ancient Maya, it is both a beautiful cave and a top notch archeological tour.  The deeper in the cave you go, the more recent are the activities of the Maya. Pottery of all sizes are broken to release the spirits within.  Deep into the cave you find the bones of human sacrifices, many with the cranial modifications of the ruling class. It is believed that the pottery and humans sacrifice offerings were done in hopes of appeasing the gods to bring on the rain.  This tour is for the the fit and adventurous!