Jeanie first came to Belize in 1989 from Kelowna, BC, Canada with her husband John, to live and work in Belize.  

Jean and John fell in love with Belize and it's beautiful climate,

the flora and fauna, and most of all they fell in love with the

Belizean people! 

They traveled the country in search of a special spot on the beach where they could build a resort for their family and friends.... and all the friends they hadn't met yet.  

Their dreams came true in 2003 when they found a little slice of paradise just south of the Garifuna village of Hopkins...

white sand Caribbean beachfront on one side and an unspoiled tropical jungle on the other, it was exactly what they were looking for!  Most importantly, Jeanie & John's 

four-legged junior partners Volga and Zena (pictured left), loved the spot too... so Jungle Jeanie's by the Sea was born! 


Jungle Jeanie's vision and mission was to

place the cabanas among the trees and to

maintain the surrounding jungle around the buildings.  Jungle Jeanie's design came to be

a unique 'eco-resort village' setting! 

Jungle Jeanie's is set amongst fan palms,

coco plum, sea grape, craboo, gumbo limbo and many more species.  The grounds are home to many varieties 

of birds, iguanas, and mammals. You can

hear them, and sometimes see them as you

walk the sandy beach-jungle paths.  

Jeanie's love of animals got the couple involved

in helping establish the "Hopkins-Sittee Humane Society", and Jeanie as an adventure sports enthusiast, ran marathons around the country, and completed the La Ruta Maya River Canoe Race. She has climbed Victoria Peak- the highest mountain in Belize!  John, who passed in 2014, was chief chef and storyteller and kept everyone laughing.  Jeanie, your host has now put her focus on building the resort's reputation as a Yoga Retreat center... and playing very entertaining water games with her four dogs.

Come Away With Us

Belize is a one of a kind destination!  

An english speaking country in the heart of Central America and the Maya world.  A small population of about 350,000 made up of Creole, Garifuna, Maya, Mestizo, Mennonite and Chinese, with a smattering of Canadians, Americans, and Europeans.  A straightforward money system that is tied 2 to 1 to the American dollar.  You can use your American dollars everywhere here.

British Honduras before it's independence in 1981, Belize is still part of the English commonwealth.  A small country in size (8,500 sq miles), but big in protected areas.  Roughly 26% of the land and sea is preserve with a total of 95 named reserves, Belize has huge tracts of undisturbed jungle and the longest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere!  Caribbean vibes & Central American hospitality rolled into one perfect place!!

Hopkins  is the semi-undiscovered gem of Belize!  

Because of it's small population of 1,500 villagers, the beaches and surrounding areas are still pristine and ready for exploration.  Hopkins is a top dive and snorkel stay destination because it's a 

20 minute boat ride to the 2nd largest barrier reef in the world!  Hopkins is close to many natural parks and preserves, Mayan ruins, caves, the longest zip-line in Central America, waterfalls, & a 

jaguar preserve.   The village is a hub of music and culture!  

Garifuna drumming, paranda & punta sounds, reggae, marimba,

pop and rock fill the air!